Have you been dreaming of owning your own pool in Sydney? Have you found yourself thinking of what it would be like to dive into your own, blue and refreshing pool right in your own backyard? Then think Vasform. Our swimming pool builder business prides itself on providing an exceptional quality service that is reliable, customer focused and most importantly experienced.

Pool Builders

Our Vasform pool builders have over 26 years of experience. If you would like a free quote on building a dream pool in Sydney, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring. We will provide you with a zero obligation free quote!

At Vasform, our pool builders pride themselves on quality. No one can build pools like we can.

At comparable pricing, you will get a superior pool that has been created by the best concreters, plumbers and form workers around. We are very happy to work alongside high end home builders and developers across Sydney who can rely on our quality, timeliness and professionalism. What’s more, we always ensure that our pool builders are equipped with the most up to date machinery, tools and formwork. It is little wonder that our pool builders always deliver extremely high levels of client satisfaction. For this reason, we are a word of mouth business who continually benefit from the good will and positive feedback from our previous clients. Refer to our testimonials! We have great confidence that our swimming pool builders will be able to deliver a beautiful pool that will exceed your expectations.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our pool builder’s service is their level of experience. As a company who has built pools for 18 years, we have a wide range of experience in dealing with different pools of all shapes and sizes. This means that you can be confident that whatever your pool need, whether it is large or small, or in a confined space; or whether it is an infinity pool or standard one, you can rest assured that our pool builders have seen it before. From plunge pools to huge pools, 18 years of experience means that the chances are, we have built it before! Our Vasform pool builders design pools for all sites, and have considerable experience in covering both residential and commercial projects.

We also understand that building a pool can be a considerable investment of time, money and effort. That’s why at Vasform, our pool builders pride ourselves on communication. Communication is a key factor in determining a pool owners satisfaction after the project has been completed. There are a range of considerations that must be accounted for when deciding the size, type and colour of your pool. These include your lifestyle requirements, any space limitations you may have as well as your future plans and goals. After having a productive discussion with you on why you would like a pool, and what exactly you will want from your pool, we are sure that we can build you the pool of your dreams.

Bill Pantazis - Director & Construction Manager

Bill has been specializing in the construction of residential swimming pools and spas for over 26 years with superior customer service. He has been involved in the construction and completion of many thousands of swimming pools. His focus is on construction excellence and attention to detail mean that Bill is well recognized and highly regarded by his clients and by builders and architects across Sydney for his quality, timeliness and professionalism. He has been involved in the end-to-end management and construction of some of the most impressive pools across Sydney and surrounding suburbs since 1993. The difference with VAS Poolform is that Bill and a team of experts will be involved in the construction of the pool including Excavation, Pool Form and Steelfixing, pre-plumb and shotcrete right through to completion. Bill is a qualified Swimming Pool and Spa Builder and also has a licence in Formwork and Steelfixing and Concreting and so will be involved in the construction from beginning to the end to ensure a superior result for VAS Poolform clients.

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